What am I reading for November 12?

photo (4)MALS 7000: The Politics of Excess, Ambiguity and Laughter

“Freaks” continued. Elizabeth Grosz “Intolerable Ambiguity: Freaks as/at the Limit” in Freakery: Cultural Images of the Extraordinary Body (1996), ed. Rosemarie Garland Thomson; Robert Bogdan, Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit (1998): Introduction, Chapter 2, Chapter 8, Chapter 9. The Man Who Laughs(1928) and Coney Island Freak Shows.

Modernist Singularities:

Shakespeare’s Memory

Sartre on Tintoretto’s St. George and the Dragon

Roland Barthes’s Mythologies

Henry James’s Sacred Fount



UPCOMING (So that I can keep myself more actively blogging — so reminiscent of the old science fair journals).

Nov. 19 Artaud and Derrida

Antonin Artaud: Manifesto in Clear Language; Situation of the Flesh” (1925); excerpts from “Mise-en-Scene and Metaphysics (1932); Voyage to the Land of the Tarahumaras Uccello et les oiseaux (“The Mountain of Signs,” “Peyote Dance”, 1936-7);  (JoJo and Sarah) (Jacques Derrida on Antonin Artaud 1986 (tr. 1998) The Secret Art of Antonin Artaud; Artaud spells and portraits


Nov 26 Lawrence  Mansfield, Pinter

D.H. Lawrence: “The Man Who Loved Islands “(1928) and The Plumed Serpent and some of the odd poems (Wei)

Katherine Mansfield: “Bliss” (1918) and “The Garden Party”

Harold Pinter: Betrayal (1978) and his Proust scenario if we can find it (Aaron)



Dec 3 Wittgenstein and Thomas Bernhard

Ludwig Wittgenstein,: Zettel  1929-1949

Thomas Bernhard: Wittgenstein’s Nephew


Dec 10 papers due

Paul Celan, and also Marjorie Perloff on The Vienna Paradox


Dec 17   instead of exam, everyone speaks about papers