Indivijournal #5

TANDEM keeps on moving! TANDEM_big logo

So much outreach has happened this week!

OUTREACH updates:

  • March 3 heard back from Bill Gleason who sounds interested! I followed up and await his reply.
  • March 4 met with Lev — good conversation overall, despite his not having immediate solutions for us. He made a particularly interesting suggestion regarding
  • March 4 had a good chat with Digital Fellow Erin Glass about general team-ness. Went to Moretti’s lecture at NYU and met Andy Stauffer — told him a little bit about TANDEM.
  • March 5 asked Franco Moretti about Stanford — seems no one’s on the text as image front out there
  • Chatted with Andy Stauffer — may not have anything to offer specifically, but has awareness of people studying image/text convergence, and made some good suggestions about collections on the NINES that might make good corpora for study: The Yellow Book, William Blake Archive, Morris Archive
  • March 6 got our gmail account up and running. @dhTANDEM is now a shared Twitter handle to split the responsibility
  • March 7 checked in and Lev is contacting his python programmer. Ukrainian bars are also in the conversation.