DH Praxis IndividJournal #1

Here goes with the beginning of the journal posts — please let me know if tone/content are what you had in mind.

I am tremendously excited about the projects coming up, though I feel something of the trepidation I had before we picked teams for gym volleyball in high school — a selection process of more than just popularity, but of whose skills would best mop you off the indignity-stained vinyl floor. Phys Ed was really intense in small public schools of Massachusetts.

I am largely anxious because I feel like my project about my grandmother has a lot of potential, but that I haven’t been able to articulate what it could be because my mind is trying to work out the theory and the tools all at once.

I am extremely excited to work with a group of people with clarity of purpose, flexibility, enthusiasm and positivity. I just want this semester to live up to some fraction of my hope for what DH can be. Generating steps and acting upon them, and getting to work, should help bring my anxieties to the ground and plant my hopes in tangible tasks. All in all, I anticipate great things from my classmates and look forward to what we can make.