DH Indivijournal #10

This week, I focused on what new outreach will need to happen in the coming month leading up to the launch. With the development plowing headlong forward, outreach has a new tack to take. As soon as TANDEM is up on the web, the push to get traffic on the site will commence. In early stages, outreach will focus on friendly testers. Even before we have fully solid functionality, we will need to get people using TANDEM. As we continue to develop our site documentation, we should encourage these friendly testers to provide us feedback for FAQ and best practices and future UX development.

I spent some time at the Tow Center this week and is getting to know potential users there, and attended a D3 workshop led by Emily Fuhrman.

I was also thrilled because @EdwardTufte retweeted the #picturebookshare I did of Beautiful Evidence. Exciting to get the name out and about! I aim now to tweet at all sorts of graphical visualization folks…

tufte retweet


I’ve also started getting ideas for how to combine efforts with the other outreach coordinators. I’m excited to promote the amazing work happening across the board with @CUNYcast, @DigitalHUAC, @NYCFashionIndex and @dhTANDEM. I’m ready to get people interested in the launch of our new tools/archives/platforms.