TEI Time with Mary Catherine and Jojo

Mary Catherine Kinniburgh is amazing.

After weeks of making, unmaking, applying, erasing, reapplying organization schemes, I had to face the music and settle for TEI that would give me the necessary information and help me prepare texts for further transformation.
Getting help from MCK (UVA-TEI-whiz and all-around marvel) both cemented some loose notions I had had about TEI and gave me the necessary channeling to make sure I was on the right track.
Basically each letter will need a metadata head, marked salutation, paragraph markers and closing markers. Internally, I’m aiming to start with marking dates and people, but I’m hoping to find a python program that will do that for me….
Here’s what I’ve cooked up so far: I bolded what you would type, but you’ll also see fillers for the parts that you would change. You don’t need spaces between the carats and the words they’re marking.
<date type=”letter”>date of the letter</date>
<name type=”author”>who wrote the letter</name>
This should mark the line so that when I put it on the web, the date can be moved to where it would be on the actual letter:
<date value=”1945-07-05“>5 October, 1761.</date>
<salute>Darling <name>Len</name>,</salute>
<p>letterletter letter letter letter… etc</p>
mark every <name>Bob or Irv or Pat</name> within the text
mark every <date>date mentioned</date>
mark <date=”received”>date received</date>
mark paragraph beginnings and end <p>text text text</p>
<ps>P.S. All my love <lb/>
and love to all</ps>
More to come as I get further in.
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